Author's Corner

I would like to shine the spotlight on some terrific authors who have wrote books that focus on health, empowerment, grief, and many other topics.  Please check out each author below.


Holly Cotton

Author of "Strong. More than Muscles"

After beating breast cancer Holly vowed to be the strongest physically and mentally and use her strength to help others find their own strong. Her philosophy is that strong is more than muscles. “Strong” represents all people that are confronted with the physical and mental challenges of life. These obstacles can include sicknesses, death, career barriers and countless other circumstances that result in us becoming stronger. “Strong. More than Muscles” is an inspirational book written to help others find their purpose in life and live to the highest potential they can. Holly is an avid traveler. You can see pictures of her and her two children going all over the world on her social media pages. Learning to live after a life obstacle is the biggest part of finding your strength.

To purchase Holly's book visit the link below.

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Ashley Beard

Author of "Queen Esther Adjust Your Crown 10 Day Challenge

Ashley N. Beard was born in 1983 in Mobile, Alabama. She studied Educational Technology at Jackson State University and has overcome anxiety, depression, and feelings of self-doubt. Ashley has worked in different industries such as Customer Service, Finance, and Information Technology where she currently works. Challenged to create a normal routine that combated anxiety she decided that writing is a therapeutic process that should be incorporated daily. Always has a smile on her face and a word in her heart her motto is "never let anyone tell you that you can't accomplish a dream".

To purchase Ashley's book visit the link below.